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AcousTech offers comprehensive services throughout the USA for Audio, Video and Lighting systems design/installation, as well as complete Acoustical Consulting/Design services, for new and existing facilities.


Design, Installation & Consulting Services

Audio, Video and Lighting Systems

  • High Performance, High-Fidelity Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • Video Projection Systems and Video Distribution
  • Theatrical Lighting - Stage Lighting and Lighting Control systems
  • House Lighting Dimmer Control Systems
  • Comprehensive, Multipurpose room Audio/Video systems
  • Professional, High Performance commercial Audio/Video systems including Sound Masking, Professional Paging with Multi-priority and Multi-zone functionality, Video Presentation systems and more
  • Professional PTZ and Manned SD & HD Camera systems with control, distribution, video recording, etc.

Audio, Video, and Lighting Systems Design and Installation Services

  • Establish overall audio system performance criteria through a combination of client input and our professional evaluation of the space based on its intended uses.
  • Provide engineered speaker system design based on the acoustics of the space and the required functional parameters of the overall audio systems.
  • Design and specify speaker system suspension platform/frame assemblies
  • Design entire audio system based on performance criteria and functional (speaker systems, monitor systems, mixing systems, microphones wireless systems, playback/recording systems, etc.)
  • Design video projection systems as per specific requirements of the facility with attention to optimal screen sizes, ambient lighting, viewing angles, etc. combined with comprehensive video control and distribution for main and secondary spaces.
  • Establish theatrical lighting system functional parameters based on the particular use(s) of the space (theatrical stage presentations, videotaping, concerts, general stage production applications, etc.). Determine and specify recommended lighting criteria for each application such as coverage uniformity at specific target areas, color temperatures, compound lighting angles, and type and scope of control systems and fixtures.
  • Complete Theatrical/Stage lighting system design and specifications including fixtures, fixture layout, and dimming control systems as well as house lighting dimmer control systems.
  • Specify all required signal and control wire conduits for audio, video and lighting systems.
  • Specify electrical power system requirements for audio, video and lighting systems
  • Complete systems specifications and drawings
  • Professional installation, training and support for installed systems

Architectural Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Consulting/Design

  • Acoustical performance analysis of existing and future (under design) spaces including RT60 calculations, Ray Tracing to identify echo effects and reflection paths/modes, speech intelligibility analysis and audio system functional requirements. Establish the acoustical criteria to achieve the desired performance within a given space based on its intended uses.
  • Design and specification of spatial geometry for optimum acoustical
    performance within a given space.
  • Design and specification of acoustical elements for proper absorption and/or diffusion of sound for optimum acoustical performance within a given space.
  • Specify noise criteria for HVAC systems and recommend system design elements for achieving the criteria.
  • Specify construction requirements for achieving recommended STC ratings for noise control and acoustical separation between spaces.
  • Make recommendations for furnishings and finish materials as they pertain to the acoustical performance of a given space.
  • Analysis of audio system requirements for achieving the desired performance within a given space in terms of optimum acoustical gain, desired SPL levels, system frequency response and coverage uniformity.
  • Specifications and design for proper integration of audio systems in a given acoustical environment.


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